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What To Ask When You Tour Senior Lining Communities

Taking Steps To Prepare For The Future

Visiting a senior living community is the most helpful way to determine if it’s the right fit for you or your loved one. Prior to taking a tour, you should establish the type of care needed and prioritize the features you’re looking for.

Finding The Right Community For You Or Your Loved One

Taking a tour gives you the opportunity to meet the community’s staff, view the amenities, observe the residents and get a feel for the community first-hand. We recommend having a prepared list of questions to use during the process to help you gather additional insight. Use the following groups of questions to help you understand what to look for as you tour senior living communities you are interested in.



Is the neighborhood appealing and pleasant?

Is there convenient parking outside, including handicapped spaces?

Is parking provided?

Is there an extra charge for parking? Is there covered parking?

Are the grounds attractive and well-maintained with gardens and trees?

Is there a secure, enclosed area where residents can walk and socialize?

Is the community located in a safe neighborhood?

Is the community close to family and friends? Is it nearby church, doctor’s offices and other important locations?

Are there shopping centers or other businesses nearby?



How many people live in the community?

Is the community footprint easy to follow?

Are there common areas with enough space for residents to spend time with each other and with visiting family members?

Are the common spaces in the community cheerful and homelike?

Are hallways well lit and easy to navigate, with handrails for safety and room for wheelchairs?



Do most residents have a private residence or do they share with another resident?

Is it possible to tour all the different types of residences available?

Does each residence have a private, handicapped-equipped bathroom, or is there one shared bathroom?

Are residents’ apartments personalized with photos, mementos or other possessions?

Is there adequate closet and storage space?

Do available apartments have an attractive view?

Do all units have a telephone? Cable TV? Internet access?

What is provided in each unit? Can residents bring their own furniture and decorate their residence?

Is the community smoke-free?

Is the community pet friendly?



Are the dining rooms attractive and appealing?

How many meals per day are provided? All day or at set times?

Does the menu vary and offer appetizing, nutritious foods?

Are snacks provided and, if so, how and when do residents get them?

Does the community cater to specific dietary needs or special requests?

Are residents able to bring food back to their apartments? Do apartments have kitchens?

Can visiting family members join residents in the dining areas?

Can you try the food or visit for a meal?

Is there a private room available for family celebrations or private dinners?



Is there a schedule of activities, and are there any activities that you would like to participate in?

Are there scheduled outings or extended trips for residents?

Are there social groups or clubs for residents?

Is transportation available?

Are there worship services?

Does the community offer special services such as a beauty salon?



Can residents with walkers or wheelchairs get around easily?

Are the floors non-skid?

Do rooms and bathrooms have emergency call buttons?

Do they have handrails?

Are there sprinklers and smoke detectors?

Are there safety locks on the doors and windows?


Contracts & Finances:

Has the community provided you with a contract that details all fees and services? Is it easy to read and understand?

If there’s an entrance or community fee, how much is it and is a portion refundable?

How much is the monthly rent/service fee and what is included and not included?

What is the security deposit and is the deposit refundable?


We hope you’ll use these questions as you tour senior living communities to help you become more confident in your choice. If you’re interested in touring Longleaf Liberty Park, our staff is happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have.



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