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A retirement community with all-day dining

The Modern Flavor of Longleaf

Our forward-thinking style comes through in many ways – including dining. We believe that food is as important for emotional and social benefit as it is for nourishment. That’s why each dining venue is designed for interpersonal connection, and each menu item is prepared for enjoyment and nutrition.

Across each dining venue, our talented culinary team consistently creates delicious meals worth savoring with friends and family. As a forward-thinking retirement community, we incorporate the finest, freshest ingredients in producing our ever-changing selection of locally sourced and delectable options. Beyond designing enticing menus for residents to enjoy, our chefs are especially dedicated to senior health and wellness – an essential piece of the satisfying life at the area’s newest retirement community.

All-Day Dining

The Longleaf Bistro, one of several on-site dining venues featuring delicious, freshly made cuisine, offers all-day dining. This gives residents the option to order from a variety of menu items and eat on their own schedule, day or evening. All-day dining is another important feature that sets this retirement community apart from others in the area.

So Good

Our expert culinary team plans menus based on what residents like and prepares each dish for individual tastes and dietary considerations.

  • Seasonal menus with fresh, healthy ingredients
  • Variety of dishes to suit resident preferences
  • Special dietary and allergy considerations, as necessary
  • Multiple dining restaurants and dining venues, including a café
  • Dedicated Memory Care restaurant
  • Indoor and outdoor seating available
  • Private dining room
  • Catering available for special events
  • Families and friends welcome


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